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Commercial HVAC systems are among the largest and most complex in the industry, and depending upon the size of your Rancho Cucamonga building there are several different considerations you'll need to make before installation. Did you realize that about 40% of the electricity a commercial building uses is entirely for the HVAC unit? That's why it's important to find the most efficient system available and have it installed professionally. At QUALITY HVAC of Rancho Cucamonga, we handle all commercial HVAC jobs in Rancho Cucamonga, CA and are proud to offer you service you can depend on.

Before You Replace Your HVAC System...

An HVAC system is a major investment. We've found that taking a few steps first is worth doing. This will help you get the kind of efficiency you deserve from any system – your current and your future one included.

  • Install energy efficient lighting to reduce overall heat emissions within the building
  • Replace windows with ENERGY STAR certified windows
  • Seal all HVAC vent leaks
  • Add insulation throughout the building
  • Add cool roof tiles to the building to prevent passive solar gain
  • Purchase office equipment that features minimal heat emission to keep the building cooler

These steps may seem unrelated to your HVAC unit, but they'll help improve efficiency and reduce your overall level of energy use with any HVAC system you have installed in Rancho Cucamonga, CA.

Commercial HVAC System Installation

As mentioned earlier, HVAC systems in a commercial building account for a very large amount of commercial energy costs. Systems today, however, are much more efficient than those installed just a few decades ago. In fact, today's units are as much as 50% more efficiently than those made and installed in the 1970s, and the installation of a new HVAC system could reduce your energy costs by up to 20% annually.

There are a few steps you should take before our professionals install a new commercial HVAC system in your Rancho Cucamonga building. Here are some things to keep in mind.

  • Take any efficiency-boosting steps listed in the section above to improve the overall efficiency of your building and get the most from your HVAC system.
  • Obtain a copy of the ACCA Manual N to determine just which kind of system you need. You can review this manual to get a better idea of units and then talk to our team about the right ones for you.
  • Choose the perfect system for your needs. Our technicians can help you do this, but essentially you need to find an HVAC system that isn't too large or too small for your building. This ensures maximum efficiency and longevity of your unit.
  • Get quotes for standard efficiency and high efficiency systems and their life-cycle cost. Paying a small amount more for a unit that is going to save you big over several years is well worth doing.
  • Only select ENERGY STAR qualified commercial HVAC units to ensure you're getting the most energy efficient units available.
  • Consider dehumidification units if needed. Most in the Rancho Cucamonga, CA area aren't going to need it, but some areas may have humidity problems and today's systems can help remove excess humidity.
  • Evaporative coolers can be installed to help boost efficiency as well. Talk to your technician to see if it's an option worth adding to your unit.
  • Be sure to only install a system with a programmable thermostat. This allows you to adjust the unit to ensure it will maintain a comfortable temp with maximum efficiency.
  • Consider radiant heating in certain areas of the building. Particularly, warehouses and garages can benefit from radiant heating systems and it will reduce your energy costs significantly.

There are additional, more technical considerations to make as well such as the use of NEMA premium motors and variable speed drives on condenser fans, but our Rancho Cucamonga, CA technicians will help ensure that your system includes the right technical features for your commercial building's unit.

Commercial System Controls

The way you control your HVAC system has a huge impact on how it operates and how efficient it is. There are a few features worth looking at when installing or replacing an HVAC system, including the following.

  • System Zoning – This allows you to separate different spaces in the building and set different temperatures for them. This can greatly reduce energy consumption.
  • Programmable Thermostats – ENERGY STAR rated programmable thermostats can reduce energy costs by as much as 20%. It's a must that you have programmable thermostats installed on your system to get the most from it.
  • CO2 Sensors – These sensors will monitor the indoor air quality of your business and help reduce energy costs at the same time.

Maintenance for Commercial HVAC Systems

Regular maintenance of your HVAC system in Rancho Cucamonga, CA is a must to improve the lifespan and the efficiency of the unit. If you want to improve your overall level of performance, a few maintenance steps will need to be considered including:

  • Repair all old valves and steam traps.
  • Maintain air filters regularly. Clean them and replace them for maximum airflow.
  • Sign up for our regular maintenance program. You'll get twice yearly tune-ups from our skilled, professional technicians and keep your system running at its best.
  • Check for duct leakage and ensure all ducts have adequate insulation.

A little maintenance will help save you considerably by improving efficiency throughout the year and by preventing the need for expensive repairs to take place. It's worth taking the time to keep your investment working at its best.